Get to know the ministry staff at The Beloved

Katie matson-Daley, Pastor

Who’s in your family?

Richard and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage next summer. My family is all in Minnesota, Richard’s parents, sisters, and nieces live in Jamaica. We love being Aunty and Uncle to Monalisa, Jordyn, Johanna and Frankie.

Where are you from and what did you like about it?

I grew up in Saint Louis Park, MN. I enjoyed working and volunteering as a teenager at Westwood Park Nature Center.

Where do you live now, and what do you like about it?

I just moved into Greater Eastside Saint Paul in the summer of 2020. I’m looking forward to connecting with the church and our neighbors as we get to know this part of the city.

What is something in ministry that you are passionate about, and why?

My ministry passion is community. By community I mean both the gathered community of the church, but also the larger community that the church finds itself in.

I believe that as we honor the gifts of different cultures and different people made in the image of God, we experience different aspects of God’s character. The Beloved excites me because multi-ethnicity is already baked into our DNA.

What’s a quote you find particularly meaningful?

"Seek the peace and well-being of the city to which I have sent you, pray for it, for if it prospers you will prosper" - Jeremiah 29:7

"Whenever I'm faced with a vulnerable situation, I get deliberate with my intentions by repeating this to myself: 'Don't shrink. don't puff up. Stand your sacred ground.' Saying this little mantra helps me remember not to get too small so other people are comfortable and not throw up my armor as a way to protect myself" - Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

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Richard Matson-Daley, Worship and Tech Lead

Richard Matson-Daley is a graduate of Bethel Seminary and Macalester College.

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