Worship Services

Join us in person, or live on facebook, or on youtube every Sunday at 10:00 am.

Worship is usually between 45 minutes and an hour long. We sing a variety of songs from different genres and Christian traditions reflecting the diversity of our congregation. Some folks dress in their best church clothes, others come pretty casual. When we say that there is a place for everyone we mean it.

To keep the most vulnerable among us safe, we are still practicing masking and physical distancing in worship. Folks on stage will take off their masks, but we ask that everyone indoors wear a mask. If you need a mask we have some available. Please worship at home if you feel sick.

New Worship Series - There is a new creation

Join us in person or on Facebook or YouTube for our new series There is a New Creation.

2 Corinthians 5 says that if anyone is in Christ THERE IS a new creation. Yes, the individual person who is living in the way of Jesus is transformed into a new creation, as we follow Jesus and are faithful in our love of God, we are transformed by the Holy Spirit.

But it’s not just about the one person. If anyone is in Christ THERE is a new creation. The whole creation is new. It’s a creation concerned with repairing the harm in the first creation.

Here’s what that means for us:

April 17 There is a new creation.

The good news of Easter forces us to make a choice. We have to make the choice to be on the side of repair and restoration, doing good and avoiding harm, to stay in love with God and to allow God to love us deeply.

April 24 YOU are a new creation.

None of us are defined by the worst thing that we’ve ever done and the worst mistakes we’ve ever made. We are individually new creations when we live in Christ. Both because God has wiped the slate clean, but also because we are actually being transformed.

May 1 We were given a message of reconciliation

Bryan Stevenson says

I think we all want reconciliation. We want peace, we want understanding, we want redemption—all of these wonderful things. But we haven’t committed ourselves to truth-telling. Truth and reconciliation are not simultaneous. They are sequential. Tell the truth first, and it’s the truth that motivates you to understand what it will take to recover, repair, endure—to reconcile.

May 8 Reconciling Humanity, God and Creation

Environmental repair is a part of what it means to be in Christ. Healing creation is a part of what it means to live into the new creation.

May 15 The New Creation is an invitation to New Creativity

We weren’t meant to be cookie cutter robots, but individuals made in the image of God in different ways. Creating allows us to transform the pain in our lives into something beautiful.

May 22 We are Amabassadors of the New Creation

Our whole lives are meant to reflect the values, character, love, beauty, and joy of God.

May 29 All of Creation Declares the Glory of God

The new creation also reminds us that our world is fundamentally good, and made by God. All of creation declares the glory of God, and we can learn from and find healing in our time connecting with God.

July 5 There is More New Creation to Come

Sometimes when we think that things are falling apart they are really being released for something new. Prairie fires look destructive but bring seeds to life, clear out the plants that aren’t meant to be there and return nutrients into the soil.

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