Worship Services

Join us in person, or live on facebook, or on youtube every Sunday at 10:00 am.

Worship is usually between 45 minutes and an hour long. We sing a variety of songs from different genres and Christian traditions reflecting the diversity of our congregation. Some folks dress in their best church clothes, others come pretty casual. When we say that there is a place for everyone we mean it.

To keep the most vulnerable among us safe, we are still practicing masking and physical distancing in worship. Folks on stage will take off their masks, but we ask that everyone indoors wear a mask. If you need a mask we have some available. Please worship at home if you feel sick.

New Worship Series - Living The Spirit Life

Pentecost, that day when, empowered by fire and wind, the church spoke on its own, but used words learned from the one who gave it life. On Pentecost, we celebrate the coming of the Spirit to raise the church out of hiding and out of despair and to give the church wind at the back and fire in the bones and to encourage the church to proclaim; no—to live the good news of Jesus Christ outwardly and invitationally. (from UMC discipleship ministries.

Throughout June in worship we'll look at what it means to live the spirit life. We'll also have moments in worship to honor the stories of LGBTQIA+ saints in the church and the world.

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