The Beloved United Methodist Church

Launching a multi-racial community on St Paul's East Side that follows Christ, seeks justice and joy, and affirms that everyone is loved by God.

Join us in person or on Facebook or YouTube for every Sunday at 10:00 am. We are at 1965 Sherwood Avenue, in St. Paul.

During the Month of June we will celebrating life in the Holy Spirit and also celebrating PRIDE.

Run With The Herd 5K

The Beloved Church is a new church start on St. Paul's East Side that cares about mental health. We come from diverse backgrounds, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, but we all want to see healing, and understand that life can be really hard. We don't believe that mental illness is something that anyone needs to feel shame or hide from.

We are so excited to join with Run With The Herd to raise funds for SAVE.

Join our team or make a donation here:

Being safe: Church in a Pandemic

In the United Methodist Tradition, our first rule is, "First, do no harm." If you have a covid exposure please isolate 5 days and then get tested. If you test positive, please isolate until your doctor says it is safe to not do so. Please continue to wear masks (KN95s or double masking is best).

You can join us in worship in person or online via our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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