EVENTS and Happenings

The Beloved FM

Connect in person with the community. Practice simple ways to connect with your family and friends around faith.

Every week we'll have food, fun, and a FAITH5 practice. July 19; July 26; August 2; August 9; and August 16.

Special days:

on July 26, 29:11 International Exchange will treat us to a concert of South African Music.

on August 2, we'll host a National Night Out/Block party event.

Block Party At

The Beloved Church

Calling all neighbors!

Join us, Tuesday, August 2, from 6:30 - 8:00 pm for a block party celebration at The Beloved Church.

We'll provide:

  • hotdogs (beef and veggie)

  • buns (white and gluten free)

  • hotdog toppings

  • water

  • lemonade

  • paper products

Bring your favorite packaged treat to share.

Want to help plan? Or volunteer the day of? Have something particular you want to contribute (music? games? crafts? treats?)


29:11 International exchange Concert

29:11 International Exchange is a music ministry based in South Africa and the United States. Our mission is to facilitate hope and reconciliation through music, cross-cultural relationships, and individual artist development.

By recognizing that each of us is worthy of understanding and love, we can bridge the ideological, racial, and socioeconomic gaps that divide us, and live together as citizens of the world.

On July 26, 2022, 29:11 performed at The Beloved. Click here to check out that performance.

Also, check out 29:11's music on Spotify.

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