The Beloved United Methodist Church

The Beloved Church is growing what Rev. Dr. King called the “Beloved Community.”

You are invited into a movement of justice, joy and peace through the Holy Spirit.

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Join us in person or on Facebook or YouTube for every Sunday at 10:00 am. We are at 1965 Sherwood Avenue, in St. Paul.

Throughout July and August we're heading to the margins. To the places on the edge of one reality and another. To the left out and the left behind. We're listening to the ancient wisdom of The Prophets. What might we learn if we took the risk to listen? If we took the risk to let these holy ones of God become our traveling companions on our summer journey? We might be troubled, and we will be, but we might also be lifted up. We might be challenged, but we might find reasons for hope, or we might find a renewed vision that inspires us for all the journeys we make. So, what do you say? Are you up for a journey this summer, a journey to the edge of our faith? Then you’re ready for “Prophet Margins.”

Being safe: Church in a Pandemic

In the United Methodist Tradition, our first rule is, "First, do no harm." If you have a covid exposure please isolate 5 days and then get tested. If you test positive, please isolate until your doctor says it is safe to not do so. Please continue to wear masks (KN95s or double masking is best).

You can join us in worship in person or online via our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Recently at The Beloved

29:11 International exchange Concert

29:11 International Exchange is a music ministry based in South Africa and the United States. Our mission is to facilitate hope and reconciliation through music, cross-cultural relationships, and individual artist development.

By recognizing that each of us is worthy of understanding and love, we can bridge the ideological, racial, and socioeconomic gaps that divide us, and live together as citizens of the world.

On July 26, 2022, 29:11 performed at The Beloved. Click here to check out that performance.

Also, check out 29:11's music on Spotify.

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