The Beloved United Methodist Church

Launching a multi-racial community on St Paul's East Side that follows Christ, seeks justice and joy, and affirms that everyone is loved by God.

Join us for indoor Services at 10 am every Sunday at 1965 Sherwood Ave, Saint Paul, MN.

While we are indoors we ask that attendees wear a mask and observe physical distancing in the sanctuary. The music team will sing from the front and we invite attendees to hum, move or clap in worship.

If you are not feeling well, are not comfortable indoors, or can't make it, you can attend our services live from our Facebook page, and post our recorded services on our YouTube channel.

Picture of the south wall and logo of The Beloved UMC

The GArden Project

Durring the Summer of 2021, our building partners, NE Seniors for Better Living, with grant funding from the Ramsey/Washington County Watershed are installing a garden on our northeast yard. This garden has three parts, a rain garden, native plant garden and raised bed vegetable garden. You can see a video about the project here. And watch for updates about the project on our facebook and instagram.

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